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All Pro Dads

About Us

Welcome to the Waterford Oaks Elementary School Chapter of the CHISD All Pro Dads!   We are one of thirteen chapters who support the Cedar Hill Independent School District. Our purpose is to serve the schools and the Cedar Hill Community.

Who We Are

We are a diverse group of men who found each other endeavoring to fulfill a common goal; that is to be a supportive presence in the lives of our children at school. This common goal gave us a realization that the children of our households were not the only children that needed support and encouragement.     

Our History

District-wide this movement started with about 4-5 men who wanted to make a difference. Through the support of district leadership and the commitment of  John Mays, we have now grown to over 1100 fathers and father figures that are ready and motivated to make a positive impact in our schools and community.      

We are a growing fraternity of men who have united to make a difference in the lives of our children attending Waterford Oaks Elementary. 

As part of the collective body of the CHISD All Pro Dads, our mission is to build relationships that inspire academic excellence, character and success in our students, families and community.  


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